So I have this new and growing craze for watches. Yesterday I purchased a watch from Rivers. I don’t know if you have ever seen there watches or even shop there but, they actually aren’t so bad looking. As you will realise, I am not somebody who will insistently wear branded clothing. I prefer to wear something that looks good instead (that doesn’t mean I don’t wear branded, just not always). I’m sure you know some people who wear nothing but branded (I’m definitely not one of them). Anyway, back to the watch I purchased, I needed a black watch and when I saw this watch, I thought $7.95! Why not!.


My other watch which I really like only costed me a few dollars and was purchased online. Running late sometimes (as we all do…), I thought ‘That is such a great watch to wear!’. It comes in a few colours but I chose red.



Speaking about watches, it’s time for me to head off to sleep. I’ll post more about watches in another post, including the first one I ever remember wearing (which I still have!).



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