Green tea cleansing

Green tea cleansing

Forever 21 hydrating face wash
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Body cleanser
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Jade Citrus Mint Green Tea Teavana
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So I have this new and growing craze for watches. Yesterday I purchased a watch from Rivers. I don’t know if you have ever seen there watches or even shop there but, they actually aren’t so bad looking. As you will realise, I am not somebody who will insistently wear branded clothing. I prefer to wear something that looks good instead (that doesn’t mean I don’t wear branded, just not always). I’m sure you know some people who wear nothing but branded (I’m definitely not one of them). Anyway, back to the watch I purchased, I needed a black watch and when I saw this watch, I thought $7.95! Why not!.


My other watch which I really like only costed me a few dollars and was purchased online. Running late sometimes (as we all do…), I thought ‘That is such a great watch to wear!’. It comes in a few colours but I chose red.



Speaking about watches, it’s time for me to head off to sleep. I’ll post more about watches in another post, including the first one I ever remember wearing (which I still have!).



I can still remember the first bag I ever had, my prep bag. Yepp, whilst in prep I had a bag which came with petite pencils fitted at the front of it. I loved it! sadly, when I went to collect my bag that day I realised my pencils were missing! (my first encounter with having something stolen, not a good feeling!). I still remember myself sitting on my prep teachers lap crying as my dad came in to understand why I had’nt left the class yet. So the story goes, I was blaming my teacher for having stolen my pencils (how embarrasing!). It did make for a good laugh in my grade 6 end of year speech though. My teacher had replaced my pencils that day with the (what I found amazing) set of classroom crayons. In primary shool, it was a bag that helped me rescue a baby kitten that almost got ran over. By rescue, I mean I brought it to school (bad idea). I still remember me and my friend meowing so it could’nt be heard. The kitten managed to crawl out of the air gap and into the corridoor. My friend took care of it whilst at school and I took the responsibility of taking it home. My sister did’nt believe me at first but yes, I had a cat in my bag. My parents got angry first but them loved it. Unfortunately it managed to run away. Moving to today, I have bags of almost every size. I started off with a Kathy Van Zeeland bag  (her bags were not only stylish but affordable in price). I then moved onto Kate Hill bags (which I still use). I find the occasional (sometimes no branded bags) here and there but find the Kate hill bags affordable, durable and stylish. I usually buy black bags because I find them to match more outfits and sit a bit more elegant regardless of the style. I just purchased this bag the other day, found it perfect for holding a book or small notebook inside. It has a floral design embossed on it. It has a main, front and back compartment to it. I purchased this in store on sale down from $59.99 to $29.99. I have found a similar style online and can be found in the link Crossover bag. They have a sale on at the moment but i’m not sure how long the sale prices or products will be available.


While out shopping, I also looked for a decent wallet to hold all my VIP cards in and found this…


While I cant use this in every bag, it is a great shopping component. Has heaps of card space and a zip component which can carry your coins or even your phone! For the sake of this blog, I tried not to fill it up too quick, but will be filling it up as soon as I complete this post. In my next post, i’ll talk about a few bags I already have and how I choose to use them, until then take care of yourselves and those around you!